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Born and Raised| Fiction

These authors were born and raised in Maine, bringing an authentic and special knowledge of people and places and details to their novels. Explore the literary world of Maine literature with a born and raised insider as your guide.

True Grit Nonfiction

It's not always easy to live in Maine. These authors have stared down hard work, poverty, and isolation to live in the state they call home.

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It's a Mystery | Crime Fiction

A good mystery gets your heart racing, keeps you up at night reading, and works your mind. And it's all the better when it is set in Maine.

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Into the Woods | Nonfiction

The Maine Woods and the Great Outdoors are both near mythical places where reality and imagination create joy, challenge and wonder. These authors take you deep into the wilderness, guide you on lakes, and explore the trails and wildlife of their beloved state.

Ruth Moore Collection | Fiction

Born and raised in the Maine fishing village of Gotts Island, Ruth Moore (1903–1989) emerged as one of the most important Maine authors of the twentieth century, best known for her authentic portrayals of Maine people and her evocative descriptions of the state. In her time, she was favorably compared to Faulkner, Steinbeck, Caldwell, and O’Connor. 

Ruth Moore
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Jack McMorrow | Fiction

Gerry Boyle's signature character, Jack McMorrow, is one of Maine's most iconic literary figures. Follow his exploits in twelve Boyle novels.

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Bert and I | Humor

Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan are the Godfather's of Downeast Humor. The Bert and I stories they created are now part of Maine's pop culture history.

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