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These authors were born and raised in Maine, bringing an authentic and special knowledge of people and places and details to their novels. Explore the literary world of Maine literature with a born and raised insider as your guide.

Why We Love It!


Bill Bushnell, Book Reviewer

The Havener Sisters

"The Havener Sisters is one of the warmest, most uplifting books of the past year. Hamlin is a masterful storyteller, creating a wonderful, wholesome story of good people, good manners and good deeds."

Genevieve Morgan, Editor

Blue Summer

"Jim braids a complicated and haunting story in Blue Summer. Like a song that gets stuck in your head, these characters land and won’t let go.”

Dean Lunt, Editor

The Weir

"Although from a different era, Ruth Moore grew up on an island not far from the one I grew up on. Her heritage gives her remarkable insight into the everyday character and the very souls of coastal residents. She seeks the truth and she writes it."

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