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Into the Woods | Nonfiction

The Maine Woods and the Great Outdoors are both near mythical places where reality and imagination create joy, challenge and wonder. These authors take you deep into the wilderness, guide you on lakes, and explore the trails and wildlife of their beloved state.

Image by Peter James Eisenhaure

Why We Love It!

V Paul Reynolds.jpg

V. Paul Reynolds,

Editor, Northwoods Sporting Journal


"Evergreens is an authentic slice of the Maine Outdoors heritage and Holyoke’s best writing over his career, a wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any outdoors person."

JohnHolyokeWeb copy.jpg

John Holyoke,

Outdoors Columnist

Where Cool Waters Flow

"Like the songwriter he is, [Randy Spencer] picks his words judiciously, commits to them and makes them do his bidding. And the result is a stunning portrait of a truly special place, illuminated by the people who live for their yearly visits to those remote Maine woods."


George Smith,
Leave Some for Seed

"Tom’s Bangor Daily News columns combined wonderful stories with some serious truth telling. He always told it like it is."

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