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Islandport Cat Interns - A day in the Life

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Meet Elton and Dolly, the latest additions to our staff. We were so lucky to have them help us out last week and we're already missing them!

Cats sitting at a conference table

The morning started off strong with a team meeting. Lots of good ideas coming from these two.

They each took a turn browsing the shelves for a new read.

cat on bookshelf

cat on bookshelf

girl reading a picture book to a cat

It's important for interns to become acquainted with the Islandport titles. Elton enjoyed the latest Hector Fox book, Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery.

cat looking into cardboard box

It's always crucial to inspect the inventory, especially when it's in a fascinating cardboard box!

Seems like someone caused some trouble. Elton received a warning for distracting his coworkers and trying to steal their lunch.

cat laid out across computer keyboard

cat sniffing a box of munchkins

cat asleep on chair

While she stayed out of trouble, Dolly did not seem very interested in collaboration. Publishing is hard work and she took a much needed nap.

cats playing with cloth tunnel

Top-secret discussions occurred.

cats sitting, waiting at a door

After a long, grueling day of hard work, these cats were ready to go home.

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