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The Ghosts of Walter Crockett

"I tried to pretend he didn’t exist or that he was just another faceless bum. I thought I could, but I couldn’t. Compassion and forgiveness are critical parts of humanity. I couldn’t escape his shadow."


Portland native Ed Crockett’s memoir, The Ghosts of Walter Crockett, captures the joy of youth, love of family, and a quest for redemption as they play out against a backdrop of poverty, uncertainty, and the ever-present specter of an alcoholic and homeless father whose flaws, choices, and fate haunt a young man and tear at his confidence. With love, compassion, and the clarity of time, Crockett writes with unflinching honesty about his life, his siblings, his neighborhood, the eccentric wisdom of his mother, and daily life in a working-class Maine city.


Salt and Roses

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A charming collection of essays by for those who love Maine and enjoy simple pleasures. May Davidson encourages readers to appreciate life and to find value in the people and places around them. 

Watch the remarkable 92-year-old May Davidson talk about her new book, "Salt and Roses" and her love of Maine in this short new video from Islandport. May also wrote the fascinating memoir, "Whatever it Takes."

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Portland in the 1970s

An Iconic Era; An Iconic City

Take it Easy revisits the uneasy days of the seventies through a remarkable collection of more than 130 long-forgotten, black-and-white images captured by dishwasher, cab driver, and budding street photographer John Duncan. Duncan emotionally and evocatively captured the innocence, mood, fun, spirit, struggle, and melancholy of a city and its people during an iconic era. Even as the downtown's luster slowly crumbled, its department stores still beckoned shoppers, rowdy dive bars ruled the night, and young people could still find affordable rents, cheap meals, and good times.

Dear Maine

The Trials and Tribulations of Maine's 21st Century Immigrants

Dear Maine by Morgan Rielly and Reza Jalali features the remarkable and inspiring stories of more than twenty men and women who arrived in Maine over the past few decades, from five continents and eighteen countries, from El Salvador to South Korea and from Azerbaijan to Rwanda. The book includes portraits by Lilit Danielyan.

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Tree Branch in the Snow

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