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Fairy Lights

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“It is doubtful if any American writer has ever done a better job of communicating a people, their talk, their thoughts, their geography, and their way of life.”

–The New York Times

The Weir

The Weir, written in 1943, takes place in a small island fishing village during the years before World War II, set against a backdrop of hard work and struggle. Ruth Moore, one of the great regional novelists of the twentieth century, brilliantly and authentically captures not only the characteristics of coastal Maine and its people, but using them to write a story of universal human drama featuring two primary families who feud, gossip, and struggle while being battered by the relentless tides of change sweeping over their community and their entire way of life.

Winter Trekking

Photographer Dave Dostie ventures out onto a Maine landscape nearly shutdown by COVID-19 and introduces us to great people making their way through a pandemic from ... ​

From Six Feet Away

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And Then We Said Goodbye

Dean Lunt watches the Alzheimer-fueled decline of his beloved grandmother.



Anna Crowley Redding 

Q&A with Chowder Rules! author Anna Crowley Redding.


New Book to Highlight Maine’s Immigrant Community

Islandport Press is pleased to announce that it is working with authors Reza Jalali and Morgan Rielly to publish a book exploring the remarkable, inspiring, but often untold personal stories of immigrants to Maine who have arrived during the last four decades. The as-yet-untitled book, which will include professional black and white photography, is slated for publication in the late summer of 2021.

The more than twenty people profiled in the book represent a variety of religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and emigrated from countries on five continents, including Rwanda, Russia, Iraq, Cambodia, Azerbaijan, and Ecuador.


Reopening the Legendary Penobscot River

New book details how organizations came together to create a model for ecological restoration


From the Mountains to the Sea, a new book by Peter Taylor coming in December, tells the inside story of how an unlikely alliance of people and organizations acquired and removed human-made dams so once stagnant and polluted waters could again run free.


Islandport Releases Echoes Magazine Anthology

Islandport Press is pleased to announce the release of Stories of Aroostook: The Best of Echoes Magazine, an anthology of memorable articles selected from the magazine’s nearly three decades in print. The book was edited by magazine co-founder and former University of Maine professor Kathryn Olmstead.

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