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That Summer, I finally grew into myself.
The Problem? I grew too fast.
And fruit that grows too fast, 
often bursts in the sun.

the space between
you and me

by Julie True Kingsley

For Clem, summers are for Maine—for wandering the blueberry barrens, helping her grandmother on the farm, and stargazing with her parents. But her grandmother is gone, she hasn’t talked to her mom in months, and her dad is devoted to the family business. Now, all Clem wants to think about is a dance audition that could get her into Juilliard. She doesn’t need another distraction. Then she meets Rico. He’s nothing like the boys back home in LA or the boys in Maine, either. His secrets rival her own and as they grow closer, she must confront the hidden realities of places she thought she knew. In Julie True Kingsley’s debut novel, Clem and Rico’s worlds are threatening to tear them apart. Can they bridge the space between them before summer is just a memory?

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Every Story has an Ending.

Hard Line

by Gerry Boyle

After thirty years, fourteen books, and countless thrills, award-winning author Gerry Boyle writes the exciting and bittersweet final chapter for his signature character Jack McMorrow in the gritty novel, Hard Line. For his dynamic, whipsaw finale, Boyle takes readers on a wild ride with his fan’s favorite investigative reporter—a ride that leaves no one unscathed. Replete with action ripped from current events as well as nods to old characters and past stories, Hard Line builds with breathtaking pace to a dramatic stand-off between all the forces of violent chaos and law and order—all set amidst the quiet pines, rough towns, and gray skies of rural Maine. 

As he struggles with a personal vendetta and faces an epic moral dilemma, will a bitter and vengeful Jack make his greatest sacrifice yet? In his conclusion the McMorrow series and the two-book story arc he started in Robbed Blind, Boyle delivers his most complete and gripping book yet.


A Glorious, Glorious Bay!

Art of Penobscot Bay

by Carl Little and David Little

Glorious Penobscot Bay, with its quaint mainland towns, bustling tourist centers, and island fishing villages, stands as the backdrop of daydreams. The bay has attracted generation after generation of artists to its shores. To create the the wonderful new book of fine art, Art of Penobscot Bay, brothers David and Carl Little have selected art and artists that celebrate the myriad of inlets, islands, coves, and peninsulas—the “nooks and corners” of the region. But above all, they feature art by more than 120 artists that is infused with a remarkable representation of place.


Art of Penobscot Bay includes artists from the 19th century through the 21st century, including Fitz Henry Lane, Waldo Peirce, Edward Hopper, William Zorach, John Marin, Emily Muir, Greta Van Campen, Alex Katz, Eric Hopkins, and Amy Peters Wood. The art, combined with text by the Little brothers, takes readers on a wondrous visual journey around, across, and through a breathtaking bay.

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A Full Net

by Susan Daignault

Sue Daignault was practically born with a rod and reel in her hand. While growing up, she and her family spent entire summers surfcasting for striped bass along the coasts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. That love followed her through her days in the U.S. Coast Guard and then to her home on the coast of Maine as well as to some of the most beautiful, and fishy, places in the world.


Her fun and entertaining new book, A Full Net, showcases a woman increasingly driven to pursue everything from bonefish and tarpon to bass and, of course, stripers—wherever and whenever she could. But what shines through in all of her stories of success, failure, and friendship is her love for the waters of the world and the respect and admiration for the fish who call them home. 


The Sea Flower

by Ruth Moore

The Sea Flower (1964) centers on two down-and-out orphans, a persnickety cat, an eccentric fisherman, and the hurricane that brings them together. Marney Lessard and Liz Bigelow separately fled from trouble only to find themselves adrift on the same luxury houseboat. When they run aground on a nearly deserted Maine island, Arvid Small comes to their rescue. Stout and friendly, the island’s one seasonal resident attempts to change their fortunes with the help of some friends who are as genuine as the coastal Maine folk Ruth Moore knew herself.

The Sea Flower Cover.jpg