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All Is Calm

A Maine Christmas Reader

Softcover, 160 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-944762-79-7

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About this Book:

When many people think of Christmas they dream of snow covered pine trees and a small cabin warmed by the wood fire on a cold December day. Since Maine was founded, people have written stories about the joys of Christmas in the state. In times of hardship and in times of wealth, Maine and her people have always put the value of Christmas in time shared with family and friends, connections with the natural world, rich traditions, and warm wood stoves. In a collection featuring essays, stories, and poetry, All Is Calm is a look at the lives of Mainers during the holidays from the mid-1800s, to the Great Depression, to modern day. Spanning nearly 200 years, these stories show that while Christmas traditions and trends may be changing, the warmth, gratitude, and humility of the Maine spirit is evergreen.

All Is Calm by Shannon Butler
  • All Is Calm by Shannon Butler
  • All Is Calm back cover
Shannon Butler

About this Author

Growing up in Aroostook County, Shannon Butler was surrounded by the softly-piled snow, warm, cozy farmhouses, and the towering evergreen trees that set the scene for an idyllic and pristin



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