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Uncertain Glory (paperback)

Paperback, 204 pages, 6 x 9, Middle grade historical fiction, Ages 8-12

ISBN: 978-1-939017-83-3



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About this Book:

Finalist, Best Children’s/YA Novel, 2015 Agatha Award

Joe Wood has dreams. Big dreams. He wants to be a newspaperman, and though he’s only fourteen, he’s already borrowed money to start his own press. But it’s April, 1861, and a young nation is teetering on the brink of a civil war.

As effects of war begin to spread over Joe’s hometown of Wiscasset, Maine, he must juggle his personal ambitions with some new responsibilities. He has to help Owen, his young assistant, deal with the challenges of being black in a white world torn apart by color. He needs to talk his best friend, Charlie, out of enlisting. He wants to help a young spiritualist, Nell, whose uncle claims she can speak to the dead. And when Owen disappears, it’s up to Joe to save him.

Lea Wait skillfully draws on the lives of real people in Maine’s history to tell this story of three young adults touched by war and the tension it brings, forcing them into adulthood—before they may be ready.

Uncertain Glory
  • Uncertain Glory
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"...[an] excellent historical coming-of-age novel set at the dawn of the American Civil War ... Wait (Finest Kind) skillfully weaves the strands together in a fast-paced and authentic tale. It’s a fascinating look at small-town life during a pivotal moment in American history, made all the more believable by Joe’s easy, affable narration and Wait’s drawing on actual people (including Joe) and events."
–Publishers Weekly

"A worthy and entertaining trip back through time."
–Kirkus Reviews

"This is a novel where the intervening centuries slip away, leaving prescience and promise with the overwhelming demands of now."
Celia McGee, The Center for Fiction
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"This is a quick, exciting, well-researched read (based upon actual, real people), and the author does an excellent job of layering in the historical detail needed to understand the story without resorting to info dumps or awkward dialogue exchanges."

Lea Wait

About this Author

Lea Wait (1946-2019) lived on the coast of Maine, where she wrote both historical novels for young adults and mysteries for adult readers. She is the author of four acclaimed young adult historical novels set in 19th



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