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Adventures in Vacationland

Hardcover, 40 pages, 9 x 11, Children's, Ages 6-10

ISBN: 978-1-939017-16-1



About this Book:

Best Children’s Book, 2015 Maine Literary Award

Young Joe Livingston has a very active imagination! And when his favorite Aunt goes missing, he and his family journey through the wilds of Maine to rescue her from the clutches of Cracker—The Beast of Briney Bay!

Adventures in Vacationland
  • Adventures in Vacationland
  • Adventures in Vacationland Interior 1
  • Adventures in Vacationland Back Cover

"Ricketts’s style is vibrant, bright and engaging.... it [the story] allows Rickets to really do what he does best – draw some iconic Maine stereotypes in ways they’ve never been seen before. He takes on the rough roads, black flies and Galloway cows all through the eyes of a precocious kid. His artistic style alternates from the bright clean lines and graphic novel styles, to a sketch style representative of Joe’s top-secret journal, with marginalia that is insightful and hilarious."

—Katy England, The Maine Edge

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5 Questions with "Adventures in Vacationland" Author Mark Scott Ricketts

5 Questions with

We're biased, but the old adage of saving the best for last proved true during the 2015 Maine Literary Awards at Space Gallery in Portland last week. "Adventures in Vacationland" by Mark Scott Ricketts was nominated for the Best Children's Picture Book. As it turns out, the picture book category was the last award announced that evening. We were thrilled when Mark was called to the podium. Our team celebrated with hoots, hollers and high fives all around!

Shortly after the ceremony, we sat down with the talented author and illustrator to ask him a few questions about his award-winning picture book. 


Mark Scott Ricketts

About this Author

Mark Scott Ricketts is a Maine-based Arkansas-born illustrator who has enjoyed national success in advertising, graphic novels, and comic books, including as author of several Iron Man comics. Ricketts published A Fla



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