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The Amazing Music of Mainers (CD)

CD, set of 2, Music

ISBN: 8450141351

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About this Book:

This fabulous 2-CD set features music from 26 artists who are either native Mainers or have extensive ties to the state. The package also includes a 32-page booklet with information on each artist. The performers featured include Dick Curless, Dan Fogelberg, Devonsquare, Schooner Fare, Aztec Two Step, Jud Strunk, Don McLean, Bill Chinnock, Rustic Overtones and more.

Tracks Include:

  • The Maine Stein Song by Rudy Vallee 
  • The Reach by Dan Fogelberg 
  • Walking on Ice by Devonsquare 
  • Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless
  • The Hills of Isle au Haut by Gordon Bok 
  • The Highway Song by Aztec Two Step 
  • Daisy a Day by Jud Strunk 
  • The Busy Song by Con Fullam 
  • Have You Seen Me by Don McLean 
  • Dime Store Heroes by Bill Chinnock 
  • The Garden Song by David Mallett 
  • Light at the End by Rustic Overtones
The Amazing Music of Mainers
Con Fullam

About this Author

The State of Maine is a wild and wondrous world of music. These CDs are meant to celebrate that music, and the immense talent behind it, by highlighting their lives, songs and stories.

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