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The Five Stones Trilogy

Hardcover Edition Gift Set

Three Hardcover, Middle Grade Adventure/Fantasy, Ages 10+

ISBN: 978-1-939017-23-9, 978-1-939017-63-5, 978-1-934031-82-7


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About this Book:

In the Five Stones Trilogy, an ordinary summer outing transforms into a life-or-death struggle when five children wash ashore on the fog-shrouded island of Ayda. Danger, mystery, and the powers of a strange and magical world challenge their understanding of themselves—and others. Swept up into a centuries-old battle between good and evil, the children are tested by pain and sacrifice, and must find the courage and strength to save not just Ayda, but their own world as well.

The Five Stones Trilogy
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G.A. Morgan

About this Author

G.A. Morgan spent all of her childhood summers on an island in Maine, where she discovered that many secrets lie deep in the fog. She was formerly the managing editor of Chronicle Books bef



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