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Animal Hide and Seek

Hardcover, 32 pages, 8.25 x 10, Children's, Ages 4 - 8

ISBN: 978-1-934031-80-3



About this Book:

Sometimes, you need to know what to look for in order to see an animal, even if it's hiding in plain sight! In Animal Hide and Seek, author and artist Dahlov Ipcar first offers young readers portraits of woodland animals and then, on the companion page, sets the animal into its natural setting, camouflaged for the careful reader to find. Gentle prose describes the animals and their habits, from deer to rabbits, from squirrels to salamanders. This book, first published in 1947, was Ipcar's first authored title. It has now been wonderfully restored and reissued to showcase Ipcar's crisp colors and bold lines.

Animal Hide and Seek
  • Animal Hide and Seek
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"Animal Hide & Seek is a reissued classic collection of colored portraits of woodland animals, camouflaged in their natural habitats, with gentle lilting narrative including color highlighted animal names. All paintings are done in shades of sage green, browns, rust/orange, black and white. The limited palate produces a clarity and serenity in each page of woodland scenes. The animal(s) are presented on one page portrait, and then they are shown on a facing page hiding in the forest. Young readers are invited to find chipmunks, tree frogs, turtles, birds, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, salamanders, caterpillars, robins, moths, ducks, and deer, all presented in natural woodland settings with ferns, trees, leaves, branches, and grasses. The idea of animals using their coloring to hide themselves in their habitat is explored in page after page of lovingly detailed painting. Children will be encouraged to explore every detail on every page. First published in 1947, Animal Hide & Seek is a beautiful classic brought back to life for a new generation.
--Midwest Book Review

"Because wildlife does its best to hide or camouflage itself from predators (animal and human) it is never easy to spot large or small animals hidden in the grasses, brush, or bracken. Young readers are helped finding such animals in their natural settings in Animal Hide & Seek ... You will have fun playing this unusual hide and seek game, and then try it for real outside." 
––Charles Sutton, Vermont Country Sampler 

Dahlov Ipcar

About this Author

In a career spanning more than eighty years, Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017) wrote and illustrated more than thirty children's and young adult books, starting with The Little Fish



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