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Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine Recipes

Softcover, 228 pages, Cookbook

ISBN: 978-1-60402-047-2

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About this Book:

Here's your chance to shine in the kitchen with new and easy wild game recipes. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people say "I've never had a good game meat dinner." Now you can! You will enjoy the tasty combination of spices from your own cupboard or dare to be different and try new products from around the U.S.

In Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine Recipes, Pretty Marsh resident Kate Gooding and her own Northern Solstice Publishing offer recipes from the length and breadth of the state, including Grown-Up Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster, Baby Boomer Whoopie Pies, Maine Black Bear Stew, Warm Black Fly Vinaigrette Dressing, Maple Moose Barbecue, Partridge with Apple Cider Glaze, and Jackman Gingerbread. This is a hoot, and we think, a new classic.

Published by Northern Solstice Publishing

Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine Recipes

"Kate Gooding is a culinary artist who compares the process she uses in developing a dish to the process visual artists use in developing a painting. She strives for the perfect combination of subject matter, flavors, textures, and color."
–– Mount Desert Islander

"A book which is number one fun and number two full of irresistible recipes to try even if game isn't on your culinary plate."
–– Courier Gazette

"Kate Krukowski Gooding is in a class all of her own. With an unbridled enthusiasm for food, culture and history, Kate makes spending time in the kitchen with her books a journey into another world. Using simple and tasty recipes, Kate makes the idea of expanding our culinary boundaries easily accessible for any cook. Bored of frozen supermarket chicken breasts? Looking for something out of the ordinary that is firmly rooted in honest and authentic cooking? Buy this book!"
–– Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel

"When customers ask, if I could buy one Maine cookbook, which would it be? I always point to Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine Recipes."
–– Don Lindgren, Rabelais Cookbook Store

"Don't mistake this collection for some sort of backwoods compendium that requires a charter membership to the NRA. Her recipes are sophisticated, fun and layered with flavors."
–– Jean Kerr, Taste Magazine

"It's obvious the recipes have been tinkered with and tested until they are just right, and the seasonings have been crafted by someone who knows her way around a spice rack." 
–– The Mount Desert Islander

"Oriented to using local ingredients, whether obtained with a shovel or a shot gun." 
–– Working Waterfront

Kate Krukowski Gooding

About this Author

Kate was raised between Enfield, Connecticut and Jackman, Maine. Working and running restaurants, catering events and private parties, she put herself through college. A self-trained chef, Kate hostesses annual Solsti



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