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IDA: Woman Who Runs With The Moose! (CD)

Featuring Susan Poulin as IDA

CD, Maine Humor

ISBN: 606548666625

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About this Book:

This is a CD, not a DVD. Great for listening in your car. Warning: People have said they've had to pull over, they were laughing so hard. So, be careful!

This is the recording of the show that started it all. In 1997, writer and performer Susan Poulin created a character for our times: Ida LeClair. Since then, Ida's had five stage shows, including Ida's Havin' a Yard Sale, A Very Ida Christmas, The Moose in Me, the Moose in You, and I Married an Alien.

Ida lives in the small town of Mahoosuc Mills, Maine with her husband, Charlie. Stories? She's got a double-wide mobile home full of them. Find out what really happens when the husbands go off hunting for the weekend. Hear about the amazing adventures Ida and her friends, Celeste, Rita, Betty, Dot, and Shirley have in "the Bonneville." You've heard of Maine humor Down East? Here's Maine humor from in-state, the heart of the North country, where the women run with the moose.

IDA: Woman Who Runs With The Moose
Susan Poulin

About this Author

Writer and performer Susan Poulin is the author of The Sweet Life and Finding Your Inner Moose: Ida LeClair's Guide to Livin' the Good Life, as well as ten plays, fiv



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